DailyDOOH Is Tooh (Two) !!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are two years old!!! Yes, two years ago (yesterday) on 26th July 2007, our first ever post went up on DailyDOOH, entitled ‘Imagesound provides radio and TV services to the retail and leisure sectors‘ so forgive us for one day if we spend a little bit of time reminiscing and letting you know some of the exciting plans we have going forward (make sure you read to the end of the post).

Not many of you will know that the blog started off, intended as a CEO blog – you can still get to DailyDOOH using the very first URL / Domain that Jorge and his team setup for us – http://aideycot.weareon.com – this was intended for me, to make it easier to manage the daily emails that we used to send out to about 250 folks in the very early days.

When the blog was up, one of the very first things we did was load up this archive of daily emails. The Imagesound story was the earliest one of these dated Monday, March 5, 2007 10:11 (the date appears in the text in the post itself as at that point we hadn’t figured out in WordPress how to back date or even schedule future posts!!!).

Our first ever post is just as relevant now as it was then, we wrote “I have long held the view that the largest screen networks out there, are and are going to be those that supply music as well – the music video market is such a large content creator of course – so many retail and leisure venues require background music”

We still believe that; that those that do music well will flourish in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors just as we predicted. Mind you, in the two years since our first post a lot has happened, in-store music provider Imagesound who had a torrid time on AIM finally gave up and de-listed, they bought TSC Music Systems before that and although they subsequently lost TSC Music Systems’ founder James Abdool to EnQii have gone on to bigger and greater things.

Both Imagesound and EnQii have been running some special banner advertisements this past week to help us commemorate our 2nd birthday!!

DailyDOOH has grown from that initial 250 email list to a solid subscriber base now of over 3,630. We also get 1,000 to 1,500 unique visitors to the web site every weekday and half that at weekends!!!

Today, as we start our third year we are pleased to announce two new US contributors and the opening of a Munich bureau: –

  • Dylan H. Joness is an advertising creative executive with over 20 years experience in broadcast TV, blue-chip product advertising and digital out of home. His international experience spans from London to San Francisco and has worked in the corporate world of global entertainment companies as well as creative-starts ups
  • Michael Torano is a 21-year marketing veteran and founder of 3 business enterprises. His official background crosses multiple disciplines and diverse categories within B2B and promotional/incentive marketing while digital media has always been his true passion. Michael is Founding Partner PhiMedia LLC (recently sold and now known as DCSI) Digital Out-of-Home media network – a business that focusses on high-traffic retail and consumer environments such as convenience and grocery stores and quick-service restaurants
  • Peter Seeberg joins us in Munich as Head of our German bureau. At last, thanks to a trial run with multiple languages over on DailyDOOH.asia we think we have got the hang of writing posts in more than one (our Asian readers decide whether they want to read our posts in Traditional or Simplified Chinese or in English) and although we have written in German before we’ve never thought it very successful to simply have a German post pop in between what is predominantly an English language site. Peter worked with me in setting up Intel’s Interactive Marketing Group in Munich many years ago, knows technology incredibly well and speaks half a dozen languages. He will be a big asset to the team and help us cover the German market in much more detail

One other innovation that we are looking at launching shortly is a new service called the DailyDOOH Weekend Confidential. This will be a private, paid-for subscription only email service delivered on the Saturday to a subset of our readers. Like many publications we have looked at how or if a paywall could be part of our business model and we think a discrete, confidential weekend newsletter service is as good a place to start as anywhere.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our advertisers and sponsors, especially MediaZest and Neo Media Group / Neo Advertising who have been the most supportive and who have been with us since day one !!!

Thank you for all of your contributions over the last two years. We promise to continue keeping you informed and if we do that we know that you will keep reading. Here’s to another year !!!

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  1. Raffi Says:

    happy 2 years gents!

  2. Roi Says:

    Congratulations to all DailyDOOH team!!
    You´re working in the right way to help digital signage development

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