How Things Are Reported…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This morning when our collection of spiders, crawlers and Google alerts came in to our office (not like the old days when your newspapers landed on your doormat / desk / in tray), it was interesting to see how yesterday’s Interims announced by Avanti Screen Media were reported by different media.

  • – London, UK reported…

    Avanti Screen Media Reports Doubling Of Advertising Revenues and went on to say “UK AIM listed Shopping Mall specialist, Avanti Screenmedia Group plc, has released results for the six months ended 31st December 2007…”

  • Marketing Week – London, UK reported…

    Avanti ad sales jump 145% and went on to say “Avanti Screenmedia Group, the digital media company, reported a 145% surge in advertising sales for the six months ending December 31 2007…”

  • RTT News – Williamsville, NY, US reported…

    Avanti Screenmedia Six-month Loss Widens – Quick Facts [ASG.L]
    and went on to say “Avanti Screenmedia Group Plc (ASG.L) on Thursday reported six-month loss attributable to equity holders of GBP 2.55 million”
  • Forbes – NY, USA said that “Another company hungry for cash was Avanti Screenmedia, 0.6250 adrift at 2.750. The digital screen media company revealed widening half-year losses and said …”

Perhaps it is not surprising that the two media outfits focused on the ‘doubling of advertising revenues’ whereas the financial sites focused on the losses (and the need for funding).

Surely the quote of the day was from us when we joked “if they (ASG) are not careful managing their outgoings for the rest of 2008, they may find themselves in deep water (as well as Bluewater)” ??

Anyway on a more serious note we have had another look at the RNS Number:8516Q and in particular the statement from Simon Rees where he was quoted as saying “The Company has now established a robust client base, including 3 of the 5 premier malls in the UK and one of the largest independently owned mall portfolios”

He is spot on with the largest independently owned mall portfolios (at 34+ they beat hands down VMG’s 22+) though I think we would take issue with the “3 of the 5 premier malls” statement.

Whilst ASG have Bluewater which is undoubtedly the UK’s number 1 premier mall (more on Bluewater in a second), VMG have the actual bulk of premier malls; Lakeside, Metro Centre, Bull Ring, Trafford Centre, Arndale Centre and Merry Hill.

Anyway this shouldn’t be a ‘spat’ about who has the most / best malls (we don’t think there is any intention of that ever happening); bottom line, if ASG and VMG promote their malls in the best possible way it will be good for both and beneficial for the industry as a whole.

With regard Bluewater, this was a previously ‘owned’ Ashingo Mall which as reported here several times before has had a chequered history of being on / off, up / down. There was a lot of existing kit (screens, media players and cabling etc) in the Mall. Are we sure that all teh old equipment is out / has been removed and that Bluewater is up and running and earning revenue for Avanti just yet?

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