Tesco Screens Creative RFP – Results!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Okay so now we know who won the Tesco Screens Creative RFP. It still hasn’t been made public yet but perhaps if we prod the powers to be that we know who it is, it will be made official next week!!!

Maybe Dunnhumby were a bit mad to publish quite an aggressive timescale, as a schedule – it’s 6 weeks now since the result should have been made public.

As we said all along, we were surprised at the number of good candidates (no make that GREAT candidates) who never even made the shortlist – Kaleidovision’s studio in Hertford has a superb heritage and with brands like Gala Casinos and McDonalds in their stable, even with no real retail experience, we thought deserved to be interviewed.

Avanti Screenmedia also should have been seen – their creative team has been doing some great stuff and they do have retail experience (though for some reason Dunnhumby discounted their work with M&S, Woolworths and Spar).

Even Realisation which made it onto the (first) shortlist (and have been doing great work in retail with folks such as 3) never made it to the final three candidates.

We are most pleased for John Ryan International and their studio in Madrid, no they didn’t win 🙁 BUT especially as we personally took phone calls from Nancy Radermecher (Nancy is President of John Ryan / ScreenRed globally) and John Ryan (himself) expressing interest in the RFP – literally within hours of us publishing it, it feels nice to have been involved ‘early doors’ in the whole process with a company that came SECOND in the final three.

As to the winner? Well, some people told us back in January who had won!

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