Few Opportunities For DOOH In Digital Marketing Awards

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Of the 19 categories in the upcoming 2009 Digital Marketing Awards in Canada, only two seem totally geared to the DOOH world.

One is in Wireless, where content developed specifically for handheld devices such as mobile phones and PDAs will be judged.

The other is for Offline Digital, whereby the entire DOOH sector involving any digital application, technique or experience that is not Internet related, such as digital signage, kiosks, and Interactive TV will all be judged in the one little pot.

(With the growth of DOOH campaigns and a rising number of companies involved in the sector, it seems a shame that they must all compete in one category. Ed.)

There are three other areas where, with a stretch, DOOH could possibly have a presence: the Integrated Campaign (where online must take the lead, the Gaming Category (in which mobile can play a role), and ‘On the Edge’, which can involve anything that explores new territory, ideas or technology that does not fit in any other categories.

Entries to these awards have a deadline of July 31/09. They will be judged by a panel of marketing, advertising and digital professionals, headed by jury co-presidents Adrian Capobiano, président of Quizative Inc., and Mike Kasprow, vice-président and creative director, Trapeze.

The 2009 Digital Marketing Awards Gala, presented by Marketing, will be part of the 2nd Annual Marketing Week Conference in November.

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  1. Jeff Atley Says:

    I’m interested to see how the campaigns will be judged this year for any ooh initiatives submitted. The criteria is typically designed for fully interactive programs which does not always apply in DOOH.

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