150 Exibitors Signed Up So Far For Essen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Over 150 exhibitors have signed up for what we are told is, the largest joint self-service and digital signage trade event in the world. We are talking about KIOSK EUROPE EXPO 2008 and DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPO 2008 (note: we are an official media partner for the event but have / will try to stay objective) – you will have noticed the ever changing email tag lines in your Daily Newsletters, keeping the copywriters busy!!!

Anyway, the event seems to be progressing well and here we will quickly cover some of our picks of the show.

On the downside we get very little news / information about the paid-for Speaker Workshop running as part of the show and I wish we could tell you more but the POPAI folks who are organising it in Germany, like to keep themselves to themselves (a real shame), however the official line is that…

…our unique workshop programmes, all of which are packed with top speakers and participants. The schedule of highly interactive workshop sessions have been carefully designed with YOU in mind, allowing you to put your own questions before an independent panel of experts and get a range of objective answers tailored exactly to your situation.

Our one previous mention of the Workshop listed a couple of speakers that we thought it was worthwhile attending in order to listen to but seriously we haven’t heard enough about the workshop to know just how good it will be.

In terms of the ‘big boys’ of Digital Signage, C-nario, Scala and Sony will all be exhibiting BUT the show is also a great opportunity to meet a number of vendors who are usually quite shy, quiet and reserved – perhaps as some of these are German companies and the event is in their back garden, it has encouraged them to come out of the shell and raise their heads above the parapet.

A couple of companies we suggest taking special interest in are (in their OWN words, not ours): –

42media group, the software solutions and service provider for audio-visual enterprise communication in Europe, is demonstrating its OxygenMediaPlatform enterprise level media management package, and getTV, an infotainment option for small business

CITYBoomer will be presenting its digital signage solutions including screens, content players and software, and offering full turnkey solutions for digital signage. It will demonstrate how retailers and other vertical markets can improve customer communication and control their feedback.

Disignage will be showing its complete digital signage package. Together with the client, they can develop a concept that fits the organisation, install all the needed hardware, and take care of the content. Their in-house developed software is described as the most flexible system on the market today.

T-Systems MEDIA & BROADCAST is one of the leading service providers for the radio and media industries in Germany, focusing on delivering top quality and consummate service. Among other products, will be presenting its digital signage solutions for the POS/POI.

TripleDoubleU is a new player in the market but already boasts a formidable and growing portfolio (e.g. McDonald´s InstoreTV, Edeka, ProInfoTV). It is showing its solutions for Digital Signage, Out-of-Home and Online Marketing.

These are all companies that we have written about in the past but apart from Disignage, none of them have been particularly forthcoming with the work they have been doing (often due to their clients so not always their fault), so it will definitely be interesting to see what they have been and are up to at the moment.

Apart from our reservations on the workshop programme this looks like it could easily become a great event.

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