Giraffe, Mood Media’s Screen Install At T5

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have criticised Mood Media (the most excellent of European music providers) in the past for just not getting screens. They have argued vehemently that they do get screens and we have that they don’t BUT relations have stayed cordial and we do even meet on occasion to discuss the industry (hey, note to Scala, we are even still on their press distribution list!!).

Anyway, a chance to prove how good they are at screens has come along in the shape of Terminal 5 – isn’t that a bit of a poisoned chalice, at least this week during its turbulent opening?

Anyway, the visual system that they have installed is within the Giraffe restaurant there. We previously wrote about this (don’t we always) in the post ‘The Bluebox And The Giraffe’ as our friends over in Paris had been asked to supply the high quality graphics for the deployment.

In a nutshell, Mood Media have actually delivered a full visual solution from content creation, content acquisition, hardware supply, installation and intelligent scheduling via their multi media playout platform called TeamCo.

We haven’t seen the deployment for ourselves (yet), now steadfastly avoiding T5 until its teething troubles are sorted! – but we are told that the system they have built consists of a 3×3 video wall that uses 6 separate content streams automatically controlled by the TeamCo multimedia system.

The content includes: –

  1. Giraffe Branded graphics created by Mood Media
  2. Worldmusic videos supplied by Putamayo
  3. Live clocks showing the time in world cities created by Mood Media
  4. Photographic content sourced and edited by Mood Media
  5. Film Clips of World cities sourced by Bluefox

The content is automatically sequenced to play in different ‘viewing permutations’, which range from…

  • One image across the full 3×3 wall
  • Separate images tiled onto the 9 single screens
  • One image across a 2×2 wall which changes position from top right and left to bottom right and left supported by 5 different single supporting screens alongside it

Perhaps we should offer a prize to the first intrepid air-side passenger to take a picture and send it in?

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