Walkbase IntelliCount Occupancy Management Technology

Andrew Neale

STRATACACHE this week announced the launch of Walkbase IntelliCount, an occupancy management solution that uses 3D footfall cameras, Walkbase cloud analytics and a mobile-friendly dashboard. This responds to new government guidance to limit the number of customers and employees, as well as follow social distancing protocol, in physical spaces due to COVID-19.

The technology has been field-proven for more than ten years, in thousands of locations, and is immediately available for clients across the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies including Scala, RDM, X2O Media and PRN.

Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO, told us “Walkbase IntelliCount allows businesses such as retail stores, restaurants and transportation hubs to utilize and expand on the solution for improved customer experience beyond COVID-19 related distancing needs. It’s important that retailers who are facing new, unfamiliar business operations challenges know that there are tools available that are mature, field proven and will optimise their customer experience while ensuring compliance and accuracy. Our teams globally are delivering new customer experience strategies, and we’re prepared to deploy Walkbase IntelliCount in the market.”

Benefits of Walkbase IntelliCount include:

  • Precise occupancy measurement in real time through high-accuracy 3D sensors installed at the store entrances and exits
  • Significant labor cost savings through automation and reallocation of staffing to customer experience and store operations tasks
  • Easy-to-analyze data displayed in a web-based dashboard on any browser-enabled device including tablets, mobile or indoor and outdoor digital signs. Email or push notifications can provide staff and management with real-time alerts
  • Scalable and privacy friendly, the solution collects no personally identifiable information

Beyond occupancy management, the Walkbase IntelliCount solution can be expanded to further engage and inform shoppers and store employees:

  • Tied to customer- and employee-facing digital signs, communications are improved by displaying real-time wait updates, occupancy capacity and in-store safety procedures
  • A more robust solution can include integrations with third party hardware and software such as automated entry/exit doors, queuing systems and existing operations dashboards
  • Walkbase retail analytics platform gathers sensor-based data on in-store behaviors and patterns that gives retailers deep insights into how and where customers are spending time and money in the store

You can learn more about Walkbase IntelliCount and retail analytics here.

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