Free Roadside Assist To Health Workers and First Responders

Tristan Cotterill

As Australia faces tough economic times and uncertainty, leading insurer AAMI remains committed to be the business that all Australians can count on, no matter if they are an existing customer or not.

During this period of isolation and social distancing, AAMI have not only maintained their market presence through relevant marketing activity, they have made it their mission to help those on the frontline get to where they need to be.

AAMI’s latest campaign offers Free Roadside Assist to all doctors, nurses, hospital staff, paramedics, police, firies and SES volunteers/workers Australia-wide until 31 December 2020. AAMI is taking this campaign to the streets, where audiences continue to steadily increase, broadcasting this valuable offer to those on the frontline via QMS’ premium portfolio of digital billboards.

AAMI Marketing Manager, Toby Gill said AAMI has always been committed to helping Australians get back on the road, we quote “It’s important right now that those on the frontline are able to get to where they need to be, which is why we’re offering Free Roadside Assist to the everyday heroes who help one and all in the fight against COVID-19. Whether they’re an AAMI customer or not. It’s been incredibly pleasing to see such a strong uptake of the offer since we launched the campaign, and we’ve already been able to provide roadside assistance to hundreds of critical workers in just the last two weeks. Working closely with QMS and using their DYNAMiQ audience data, we have been able to better understand how Australians have been moving throughout this period of COVID-19 restrictions and act with confidence on where best to place our messages to ensure we maximise our impact”.

QMS Chief Marketing Officer, Sara Lappage said that a crucial element in getting the message out to essential workers was being able to help AAMI understand the way audience movement is evolving.

“As Australians make essential work trips for food and health care needs, our data, combined with the digital capability of our premium billboards and new 7-Eleven offering, has enabled us to target key locations such as hospitals, medical centres and other essential work trip destinations like supermarkets and convenience stores with speed and simplicity. QMS are proud to provide AAMI with a quality digital platform in which to communicate this very special offer to those on the frontline, who have been unwavering in their dedication and resolve to keep us all safe.”

AAMI’s ‘Assist for those Assisting’ campaign runs through May and June utilising Out of Home, TV, Radio, Social and Digital.

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