‘AdSemble Prime’ Launched By @AdSemble

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

AdSemble has announced the launch of AdSemble Prime. We are told that with this brand new offering, frequent users of AdSemble’s flagship self-service product Open Display can subscribe to an annual membership and receive discounted OOH advertising, insider marketing/advertising tips, discounts with partner websites and FREE professional DOOH ad design.

It’s described as a first of its kind annual advertiser loyalty program for the DOOH Industry.

AdSemble’s Founder & CEO Matthew Olivieri told us “We have previously seen our users pay upwards of $500 per ad design from our award-winning professional graphic designers,” states Matthew. “Everything changed when COVID-19 hit and we didn’t want that additional cost to prohibit people from launching campaigns. Of course, everyone’s time is valuable, so we also understood just giving it away wasn’t the right answer either. Through this new AdSemble Prime offering, both our graphic designers’ time can be compensated and the end-user can gain valuable additional perks just for continuing to use the platform.”

Any size advertiser can subscribe to the new Prime program for $119/year ($9.92 USD per month) on AdSemble’s website here and instantly begin accumulating discounts, insider tips and early releases to new features in the Open Display platform.

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