Touch-Free, Temperature-Taking @MimoDisplay Platform

Andrew Neale

Mimo Monitors has joined forces with Revel Digital software, to create a touch-free, temperature-taking platform to ensure safety.

Described as being ideal for entrances to grocery stores, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities and more, this enterprise-grade platform is reliable, flexible, and customisable. It contains the premium Mimo Monitors hardware display, as well as Revel Digital’s CMS analytics and accurate temperature sensing software, along with a one-year license.

David Anderson, CEO of Mimo Monitors told us “With the evolving times, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your loved ones they places they frequent are safe,” said “We created this solution with ultimate durability, flexibility, and reliability in mind to ensure that this platform promotes safety and can meet and exceed the needs of every business .”

Available in wall mount, floor stand standing kiosks, and in sizes 7-32”, this comprehensive platform offers various levels of customization and complexity contingent upon the business desires and needs. From providing a simple pass/fail with a non-CMS option to more all-encompassing analytics that include remote management and syncing between locations, the platform’s capabilities are wide-spanning. This platform also runs on multiple hardware platforms including BrightSign and Android.

To learn more about this touch-free, temperature-taking platform or to order click here.

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