Media-Architecture Integration Opportunities in EMEA?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rob Edwards over on LinkedIn, in his role as EMEA Associate at Sensory Interactive has asked an interesting question – one we looked at recently for a customer in fact, “How many media-architecture integration opportunities are there throughout the EMEA region?”

Rob Edwards wrote…

In the US we are seeing an increasing number of urban regeneration schemes where multi-million dollar audio and visual media solutions are integrated into the fabric of buildings at conception. See for examples.

These produce unique environments focused on consumer entertainment and engagement. Given the uniqueness of these solutions, they create significant sponsorship and advertising opportunities that help to further commercialise these developments. A different approach to the typical OOH solutions.

What is the size of the opportunity for this approach throughout EMEA? I’m looking for opportunities, connections and introductions.

See the Q+A in LinkedIn here for more details and to follow the thread.

We pointed him initially at SmartSlab (who point blank refuse to answer our emails or phone calls – so much for networking!!) who we covered very briefly here

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