Used @BoardActive For Sale, One Obstreperous Owner

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rumor back in October 2020 was that Doug Pittman, truly, in our opinion, one of the most unpleasant individuals you may ever get to meet, had shut down his business BoardActive.

If that was true, there would have been no mourners. The many industry associations, those he owed money too and many others, would have been raising a glass or two in celebration but unfortunately, the shut down seems to have been, only half true.

Word now reaches us that he is shopping the business around a number of M&A specialists with a view to somehow selling whatever he thinks he owns. Good luck with that Doug.

You can read one of the reasons why we were always giving him a wide berth here.

One Response to “Used @BoardActive For Sale, One Obstreperous Owner”

  1. Warren Smorgasbord Says:

    Pittman’s delusional behaviour was immediately apparent (and repellent) to anyone who met him. The M&A advice he seeks should be medication and analysis, not mergers and acquisition. Trying to sell his company is an effort to find a greater fool, one that will indeed be Herculean.

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