First Platform For 360-Degree In-Vehicle Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Curb, the leading taxi solutions and ride-hailing app for licensed taxis and for-hire vehicles in North America, this week announced the launch of Curb Journey Connect (CJC), a first-of-its-kind 360 media solution designed to drive engagement between brands and their audiences before, during, and after their ride.

Curb Journey Connect offers a two-way sync with Curb’s Mobile Channels and TaxiTV across 40+ markets nationwide, offering greater addressable targeting capabilities. Curb Journey Connect empowers advertisers to achieve their business goals with confidence and drive greater clicks, conversions, and awareness.

Even before the ride begins, advertisers can utilize mobile ad units to ensure brand awareness at the onset of a user’s session. These prime ad placements then continue both in the app and post-ride on mobile receipts throughout the entire rider journey. Combined with additional visibility on TaxiTV, Curb’s in-vehicle digital screens, advertisers can now employ targeted strategies such as Point of Interest, Demographics, Interests, and more, alongside geo-targeting and day-parting.

“Utilizing Curb’s advertising solutions has elevated engagement for Megababe,” notes Katie Sturino, Founder of Megababe and a longtime Curb Creator – Curb’s influencer partnership program. “TaxiTV has proven pivotal in raising awareness and driving conversions in a saturated market. Now, I’m enthusiastic about amplifying Megababe’s impact with the complete CJC experience, integrating mobile exposure for heightened effectiveness.”

70% of brands that rely on advanced personalization and multiple touchpoints bag 200% ROI and more from their efforts, according to KO Marketing. Curb Journey Connect’s launch seamlessly integrates DOOH and performance marketing, meeting the rising demand for advanced data insights in brand investment strategies. Leveraging the nation’s largest taxi network, Curb Journey Connect delivers over 2.3 billion impressions annually with a remarkable 2.4% click-through rate, empowering advertisers with comprehensive insights for campaign optimization.

“With over 20 years of delivering impactful in-vehicle video content on TaxiTV, our commitment to innovation is evident,” stated Amos Tamam, CEO of Curb. “Curb Journey Connect generates tangible results for advertisers and engaging content for riders. We are excited about the new features, content and influencer partnerships, and product enhancements slated to launch this year.”

The announcement said that amidst unprecedented growth and a return to pre-pandemic numbers, Curb continues to be a leader in taxi and media solutions. The launch of CJC maximizes advertisers’ ROI and helps them achieve their objectives, while the sleek UI updates to the Curb Rider App prioritize transparency, navigation ease, and exclusive offers.

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