Enroute – Beyond The Screen Experience

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It would be churlish to say that “we have noticed” that the folks over at Enroute Media Ventures have a new web site because we saw it coming as we syndicate our news headlines to them (look at http://www.enroutemedia.net/ and you will see the headlines at the top of the page).

Enroute, among many other things, supply innovative media solutions in the Transport, Medical, Public Places and Retail sectors – from there, Enroute is able to offer clients a one stop shop for “Out of Home” content creation, delivery and management.

We particularly like what Enroute has done with mobile technology, best summed up by themselves when they say “Enroute’s mobile technology and applications provide an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with the consumer beyond the screen experience”

This so-called ‘4th Screen’ is going to be more and more important as the industry moves forward we believe. We think you will start hearing more about innovative mobile usage and cross sharing of data between fixed digital screens and mobile (phone) screens this year and next.

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