Loop 02 (incl. JCDecaux Airport’s digital inventory)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Issue 2 of Grand Visual’s Loop newsletter is just out!!! As they say iin their email “Yes it was supposed to be out in late January but we’ve been extremely busy in the 1st quarter of 2008”

As with Loop 01 it is a bit of a MUST READ / FLIK THRU – and surely it’s rare that we say that?

Issue 2 features their thoughts from Screen Expo 2008 (we heard that they point blank said they would not go to Screen Expo 2009 but they seem to be ‘quite nice’ about the event in their editorial) and a summary of themes raised at ‘Seeing Digital – Rethinking Out-of-home‘ the OAA’s and IPA’s annual event.

Loop 02 also has details of their campaigns for 3’s Skypephone, SAA, Purina, CBS Outdoor, Weirdsville, and Omid Djalili, a brief review of interactive technology by Inition and a quick look at JCDecaux Airport’s digital inventory (including T5).

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