GSTV And Content Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

GSTV, the national video network entertaining targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers, this week announced a new content partnership with, a sports media company that reaches over 200 million viewers and receives 3.9 billion views monthly across its portfolio of media brands.

The partnership will include the distribution of unique and non-traditional sports highlights and user-generated content from six of’s most popular media brands.

Brian Verne, Co-Founder and CEO, said “While our programming can be discovered across the core and emerging digital platforms where today’s modern sports fans spend the most time, we are constantly looking for ways to grow the awareness of the brand outside of social and digital. This is the first time content will be visible to a wide audience outside of our platforms. We are thrilled to be partnering with GSTV, who is the perfect fit for our short-form sports content, and cannot wait to highlight a variety of sports fandoms with their national network.” will provide GSTV with dedicated content segments to air across the national video network’s 25,000 stations. With’s Rage Quit, e-sports content will appear regularly on GSTV for the first time. The partnership also opens up new opportunities for GSTV and to work with brands looking to connect with a Gen Z and Millennial audience through sponsored content partnerships.

Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO, GSTV told us “ has mastered entertaining its viewers with captivating short form content, which is perfect for GSTV viewers who give us a few of their undivided moments of their attention while on the go,” said We know our audience responds enthusiastically to sports, e-sports and UGC, and we’re delighted to share’s content with them as well as provide new sponsorship opportunities to advertisers looking to reach a Gen Z audience that natively loves and regularly consumes non-traditional sports content.” joins GSTV’s growing line-up of premiere content partners, including Cheddar, Live Nation, Better Together With Maria Menounos, La Liga, Loop Media, First Media (So Yummy, Blossom), What’s Trending, CNET, Stadium, NFL and MLB, among others. The GSTV network reaches 92 million unique viewers a month.’s content segments can be seen on GSTV screens starting Monday, January 11, 2021.

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