Digital Signage Expo Sold for USD 450,000

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Exponation, LLC filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy back in September 2020 and most recently, the bankruptcy court has been running an auction process for what was left of their demise, namely ‘Digital Signage Expo’.

In case you were wondering what could possibly be left, it’s their customer database, a few websites and their ‘brand’ (however tarnished that may now be).

The auction ended this past Monday, with a small exhibition company backed by some new private equity money paying USD 450,000 for the winning bid.

Strangely enough, Exponation, LLC friends and family managed to walked away with just over USD 700,000 in the year they went tango uniform, leaving behind debts of USD 2.8 Million. It is possible that some of that USD 450K may reach a few of the creditors but if you are owed money I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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