Why I’m Going To Total Media (Spain)

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Further to the post ‘Why Digital SIgnage By VISCOM‘ I just thought I’d mention that I’ll be going to Total Media 2009 in Madrid at the end of September BUT not to Viscom and I’ll be posting some stories from there.

I’m going to Total Media because word is from the locals that it is the place to be AND in my line of work, supplying content to screen networks it’s an event I hope to pick up business from – in much the same way that Viscom Deutschland pales in comparison alongside the fellow German Digital Signage Expo in Essen event.


3 Responses to “Why I’m Going To Total Media (Spain)”

  1. Roi Says:

    Do we need 2 digital signage shows in Spain?
    We must work to unite the two shows.
    Will be possible? At this moment is a dificult question, but digital signage companies have a limited budget and require the greatest possible impact on their investments

  2. Peter Critchley Says:

    See you there Russ!

  3. Russ Curry Says:

    Noble thought, Roi.
    However, if Total Media is a success this year, then it will become the leader. In other countries, good specialised trade shows tend to win over more generic reatil or poster or kiosk shows.
    You’re dead right – nobody can afford to be present at both….

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