Spectrio Acquires Automotive Broadcasting Network

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Spectrio, one of the US’s leading providers of customer engagement technology, announced that it had acquired Automotive Broadcasting Network, an auto dealership digital signage company last week.

Spectrio CEO Dax Brady-Sheehan said “We are excited to bring on the ABN team as we accelerate Spectrio’s #grow2021 campaign. Their deep understanding of the complex and ever-changing needs of the automotive industry will be an unparalleled resource for our internal teams and our automotive clients. As we integrate features and functions of ABN’s software across Spectrio’s platforms, we’ll be able to develop more dynamic and engaging customer experiences and internal communications tools for clients in any industry.”

With the addition of ABN’s client base to Spectrio’s footprint in dealerships, auto care, and aftermarket retail, Spectrio is now the largest digital signage software provider in the automotive industry.

ABN’s digital engagement platform allows auto dealerships to showcase their brand while entertaining and educating customers and building emotional engagement throughout the buying experience. Utilizing an array of strategically-placed digital signage, menu boards, and video walls, the ABN team helps clients create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, take advantage of dwell time, and make the maximum impact on potential customers.

The acquisition will allow ABN clients to integrate their messages and brand seamlessly across additional customer touchpoints using Spectrio’s customer engagement technology that includes Interactive Kiosks, On-Premise Messaging and Music, On-Hold Marketing, Wi-Fi Marketing, and Scent Marketing. Spectrio clients will gain enhancements for digital services, additional communications capabilities, and expanded third-party and internal software integrations.

In addition to its retail digital signage solutions, ABN offers a unique sales performance management software created exclusively for auto dealerships. The ABN Inspire! software pulls data directly from a client’s dealer management system, displaying real-time sales performance on screens in the dealership. Modern gamification, motivational tools, and integrated incentive contests keep sales teams engaged and generate friendly competition.

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