Motio Guarantees Summer Audiences

Tristan Cotterill

There seems little doubt that Australians are going to be on the road this summer. With lockdowns promised to disappear, and holiday houses being booked like never before, the great summer road trip is calling and that means fuelling up!

Campaign reach for media, especially outdoor, can be touch and go in terms of accuracy so Motio has teamed up with its retail-on-the-go partner, Ampol to provide first party transactional data with incredible accuracy. This will enable Motio to guarantee impressions over summer. Based on this granular data source Motio is offering a money back guarantee, a true commitment to brands.

With three million weekly transactions taking place on their Go network (hundreds of petro-retail venues nationally), they’re using this data to provide an audience impression guarantee for clients.

They’re so confident with this granular data source from Ampol, that they’re providing a rarely seen money-back guarantee if they don’t hit projected audience impressions for clients.

Michael Johnstone, COO of Motio said “we have obviously seen some dips throughout the pandemic, specifically in New South Wales and Victoria but the transactional data shows numbers overall are up due to the localisation of travel. This is going to be a big summer, and we want to give brands guarantees with quality data and flexibility that hasn’t been offered by out-of-home media companies previously”.

Motio has one of the largest on-the-go networks with unique in store, high-definition digital displays that impact consumers at point of purchase with 120+ second average in-store dwell time to impact consumers at the right time, place and with purchase and of course travel intent offering packages through its team and programmatically.

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