Prism Health North Texas Joins @MesmerizeOOH

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Mesmerize has announced the expansion of its digital network to include Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX).

Craig Mait, Mesmerize President & Chief Revenue Officer told us “Prism Health North Texas shares Mesmerize’s mission to advance individuals’ health through HIV education, research, and prevention,” said Mesmerize is proud to work with PHNTX to connect people living with HIV to valuable care and resources and help minority communities attain their highest level of health.”

PHNTX is the largest local nonprofit HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas and is a nationally recognized leader in delivering high-quality HIV and sexual health services.

PHNTX specializes in full-spectrum, personalized HIV medical care, offering free HIV & STI testing, PrEP, transgender primary care, behavioral health services, and more. PHNTX’s mission is to build equitable healthcare access for all Texans by removing the barriers that prevent any individual from accessing quality healthcare.

Tri Truong, Director of Marketing at PHNTX said “We’re thrilled to have Mesmerize digital screens in our clinic lobbies. Mesmerize provides content that focuses on PHNTX’s areas of services – HIV/AIDS, STI, and Sexual Wellness – helping to meet the needs of our patient population. We’re also able to add our own content to promote our many programs and services for the community.”

The partnership includes the installation of Mesmerize’s digital TV screens in PHNTX health centers throughout Dallas, TX. Mesmerize’s TV screens feature high-quality HIV education, coupled with general health and wellness information and relevant sponsored advertising. The addition of PHNTX to Mesmerize’s network of doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and clinics presents a valuable opportunity for brands to reach marginalized populations including people living with HIV, LGBTQIA+ and ethnic minorities.

For the past 35 years, PHNTX has been connecting people living with HIV to care and services in North Texas. PHNTX stands for health equity and is committed to providing healthcare for all North Texans in a non-judgmental and affirming environment.

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