The 2009 DailyDOOH Travelogue

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We started a Travelogue part way through 2009, keeping a record of events that we were going to and some we weren’t (and the reasons why).

This therefore is a part-record of where we were during the latter half of 2009 – kept sort-of up to date like a diary as and when events happened – hence the strikethru.

We are planning to do a much better job doing similar in 2010, which you can see here.

  • IBC, Amsterdam. 11- 15th September 2009. It’s likely that we will give this event a miss. Like NAB it’s got too big and widely unfocused. The IBC Digital Signage zone of the past few years has been awful and we’d expect this year’s to be no different.
  • Viscom Paris. 22 – 24th September 2009. We love this event, mind you we don’t need any excuse to visit Paris. All of our UK team may not be able to make it this year (September is busy and of course Oktoberfest starts shortly after in Munich but our Paris correspondent Russ Curry will definitely be there.
  • TOTAL Media, Spain 30th September and 1st October 2009. Russ Curry will be covering for us and as he has written previously has decided to attend this opposed to the other Viscom event in Spain.
  • Strategy Institute. Digital Signage Investors Conference, NYC, 6th – 7th October 2009. Gail Chiasson will be flying down to New York from Montreal to help cover this event for us and for those of you outside Canada it may be your first chance to meet her in person. Michael Mascioni and Adrian will also be there reporting for us
  • Signage, Imaging, Media (SIM 09). UAE. 18th – 20th October 2009. Chris Heap was hoping to present at this event but alas he was dealing with impolite, inconsiderate idiots.
  • OVAB, Munich 21st October 2009. On the 20th there is a (closed) DBCI Advisory Panel meeting so we shall be flying in early but Wednesday 21st sees the Digital Signage conference itself. Adrian Cotterill and Chris Heap will be in attendance.
  • OVAB Digital Media Summit, NYC. 28th October 2009. Although this is only a half day event this year there is a great agenda, some fantastic speakers and it looks like it will be another event worthwhile attending. Our New York contributor Michael Mascioni will be covering for us.
  • KioskCom Self Service Expo / The Digital Signage Show, NYC, 10th – 11th November 2009. We plan to nip in and catch a bit of both days. It’s likely that the DCC will have their first closed session get-together around this time also in NYC.
  • Strategy Institute. Building Your Digital Signage Business Conference, Chicago 18th – 19th November 2009. Manolo Almagro and Bill Collins will be in attendance.

Note: All of the events should be in our online Events Calendar as well, herenote OSX Safari users may not be able to see all of the events due to a compatibility problem, we believe, with Google’s calendar. We recommend using Firefox with OSX, which is fine. Ed

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