Dell Joining The Smart Phone Club

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Looks like we’ll soon be writing about campaigns involving a Dell smart phone.

Dell, the Round Rock, Texas-based computer firm and the world’s second-largest PC producer, is apparently joining the rush to produce smartphones, partnering with China Mobile, China’s biggest telecom operator, to produce a model running Google‘s Android system.

It appears that the smartphone move is now part of Dell’s plan to offer a full suite of gadgets, despite earlier reported comments by Dell founder Michael Dell that his company wouldn’t enter the mobile market as margins were low and established producers too dominant. Dell has alliances with mobile firms Vodafone and TeliaSonera in Europe to sell notebook computers.

Research and consulting company Gartner Inc. has predicted that smartphones will increase their share of the European mobile market from their current 28% to 70% by 2012.

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