HomeTown Pharmacy Joins @MesmerizeOOH Network

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Mesmerize has announced the addition of HomeTown Pharmacy, a Michigan-based pharmacy chain, to its point of care network. HomeTown Pharmacy specializes in pharmacy and infusion services and has long-term care pharmacy options for senior and PACE communities, with locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Jonathan Grice, HomeTown’s President said “Mesmerize’s technology platform connects HomeTown Pharmacy customers with valuable health and wellness information, helping us to carry out our mission to be a patient-driven, community pharmacy”.

HomeTown Pharmacy brings together the personalized service of independently owned community pharmacies with the buying power and efficiencies of a larger corporation. Mesmerize will collaborate with HomeTown Pharmacy to deliver best-in-class patient education to the communities served across HomeTown Pharmacy’s locations. HomeTown Pharmacy has access to Mesmerize’s full-service digital signage studio to customize each screen and create personalized messages tailored to each location.

Craig Mait, Mesmerize President and Chief Revenue Officer told us “Growing Mesmerize’s network of specialty pharmacies solidifies our commitment to patient education and expands our reach at the point of care. Mesmerize’s partnership with HomeTown Pharmacy allows us to deliver valuable information to community pharmacy consumers.”

HomeTown Pharmacy operates over 40 pharmacies around the state of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana to include retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, and durable medical equipment with the mission of improving the health and well-being of the patients they proudly serve.

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