Media City and Signpatico Become @VendoMediaInc

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It appears that after working together over the last 20 months or so under the VENDO banner, Media City and Signpatico have now officially announced their merger. The companies will now solely operate as VENDO Media Inc.

Media City and Signpatico recently collaborated to form a joint sales and marketing front that primarily focused on selling Outdoor Digital boards. With Media City offering mainly Eastern Canada Outdoor Digital assets, along with its Indoor network, and Signpatico focusing on Western Canada Outdoor Digital assets, the fit was a natural one.

Sylvio Deluca, CEO of Media City told us “During the most challenging OOH period our industry has ever faced, we were able to combine forces, talent and assets to grow our business. As the pandemic changed work and travel habits along with population shifts, we put all of our energy into building the biggest national and regional Outdoor Digital network. I’m extremely proud to announce that we are the first company in Canada to reach over 100+ markets”.

James McDonnell, CEO of Signpatico said “This merger is impactful for both our stakeholders and the DOOH market.  We are now able to provide a unified, competitive and wide-reaching network for a growing DOOH buying audience.  Our team is committed to exceptional client servicing and doing things differently.  To that end, we have developed industry-leading proposal and mapping tools, with more innovation to come”/

Today, VENDO Media now offers 400+ DOOH faces across both Canadian national and regional markets. Additionally, the company offers digital and non-traditional options in Office Towers and Shopping Centres and a network of OOH Poster boards. Recently, the company added sales representation of UmbraCity’s Vancouver indoor digital assets to its portfolio.

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