Smartify Media To Support Global Refugee Organization

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Smartify Media, a digital out of home and in-retail digital advertising platform, today announced that it will be providing inventory for the running of PSAs in support of HIAS, a global refugee organization, across its media network.

The PSAs, appealing for donations to aid refugees from the Ukraine, Afghanistan, the U.S./Mexico border and across Latin America, will appear on Smartify Media screens in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Tampa.

Smartify Media operates and manages programmatic advertising across a variety of Digital Out of Home platforms, including in-retail venues and EV charging stations, as well as a network of storefront displays across multiple verticals, including retail, gym, QSRs and cafes, grocery and convenience stores, liquor, and health and beauty salons throughout the U.S.

“As a refugee, I have a unique appreciation for the challenges that those seeking a better life face, especially those from areas of the world that are undergoing particular hardships at this time,” says Oleg Vyadro, President and Founder, Smartify Media. “For more than 100 years, HIAS has helped refugees from around the world, and we are pleased to do what we can to aid their efforts and help generate support for those coming to this nation to rebuild their lives.”

Oleg, a native of Odessa, Ukraine, came to the United States with his family as a refugee in 1978. He is the founder of the Odessa Forever Foundation, established in 2022 to fund, develop and sustain a comprehensive resettlement and family re-unification platform for Ukrainian refugees impacted by the war. The Foundation is working with HIAS on a Property Guarantee Fund, which will finance guarantees for refugee residential leases.

Smartify Media, in partnership with Samsung C&T, a trading and investment company and the originating company of Samsung, provides small businesses and commercial property owners with installation of 55” Samsung digital screens at no cost, which integrate into both the Samsung Ads mediation layer and Vistar Media programmatic platform. Through the partnership, businesses can realize incremental, recurring revenue from digital advertising on the screens, as well as utilize them to feature their own promotional content.

Over one hundred years ago, the Jewish community founded HIAS (originally the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) in New York City, the immigrant gateway to America. Supporting Jews fleeing persecution and poverty in Eastern Europe, our founders were guided by the traditions, texts, and history of the Jewish people—a history of oppression, displacement, and diaspora.

HIAS has since helped generations of Jews facing violence because of who they were, and HIAS remains committed to helping Jewish refugees anywhere in the world. Today, our clients and staff at HIAS come from diverse faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We bring our experience, history, and values to our work across five continents, ensuring that refugees receive the vital services and opportunities they need to thrive.

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