#OOH – Automate-Innovate-Transform, @AdClubNY

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The ADVERTISING Club of New York is holding an Out of Home – Automate-Innovate-Transform event this week, on Thursday December 8, 2022.

As part of the very popular OOH:NOW Series, the Club has been in preparation to bring together, honor and hear from key leaders and executives within the industry.

For the 15th annual end of year OOH conference, The Club continues to highlight what OOH is delivering/offering to brands. With the focus of the event being Automate, Innovate and Transform — the agenda includes sessions centered around the future of OOH.

Speakers include:

Rick Song, SVP, Head of Digital Sales, Nielsen
Ray Doyle, VP, Digital media & Brand, BetMGM
Jamie Dorfman, SVP, Director of Media Innovation, R+D Lab, Mediahub
Matt Rowean, Chief Creative Officer, Matte
Shani Syphrett, Senior Lead of Global Brand Strategy, Pinterest
Maria Colón, Head of Marketing & Customer Experience, De’Longhi
Moderated by: Tamara Alesi, CEO, Mediaplus North America

There will be lively discussions with brands and media buyers on how they’ll be impacting the industry – along with presentation of the OAAA Media Plan of the Year Awards.

9:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
LIVE at Tribeca 360°
10 Desbrosses St, NYC

Registration can be found here.

Since 1896, the first organization of its kind, The ADVERTISING Club has been serving the ad community. Our history mirrors the industry itself and industry legends built this organization. Our members represent the entire community — advertising, media, marketing and ad-tech/mar-tech professionals. We provide education and networking opportunities to enhance professional development, expose members to innovation and technology, and provide access to influencers/companies across the entire advertising ecosystem. Our Foundation fuels the talent pipeline with ground-breaking diversity programs. The Club also produces The International ANDY awards, a top creative award show that focuses on the power of the idea, innovation and the collaboration between marketer and creative. Today, we have 5,000 members; corporate and individuals, students all the way up to the C-suite.

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