Get Out The Vote campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Volta Inc. (NYSE: VLTA) this week unveiled its Get Out The Vote campaign that is running across the entire Volta Media Network ahead of the U.S. Midterm Elections.

We are told that this campaign is the latest example of Volta’s commitment to using its media network to provide consumers and communities with impactful, engaging content that elevates critical messages and drives positive change.

Volta’s Get Out The Vote campaign seeks to encourage US citizens to cast their ballot and provide credible voting resources. The creative assets take advantage of Volta’s dynamic digital media capabilities — including a real-time countdown clock and QR codes — and the feature taglines are designed to spark curiosity and drive urgency. For example, the “33% of people don’t do this…and it’s not brushing their teeth” tagline prompts passersby to scan a QR code that leads them to where they can find their closest polling location and register to vote. Another creative asset fosters urgency with a countdown to Election Day and another QR code that leads to

Brandt Hastings, Chief Commercial Officer at Volta told us “Volta is not limited to EV charging – we’re a dual energy and media company with the unique ability to serve as a valuable messaging platform in communities across the U.S. By nature of our cutting-edge design and placement in highly trafficked areas, Volta’s eye-catching, contextually relevant digital screens can be used for in-house campaigns and by our city and brand partners to drive social good, disseminate critical information, and spur local economic activity. We are proud to use our impactful network to encourage voter registration while driving a clean, electric future forward.”

The Volta Media Network is embedded into the company’s global network of EV chargers, located steps away from the doors of popular retailers and commercial centers visited by millions of consumers daily. It is the world’s largest digital out-of-home (DOOH) network integrated directly into EV charging stations, delivering more than one billion monthly impressions across over 5,400 digital screens in 28 states. The company’s dual EV charging and media model allows Volta to generate revenue regardless of how many EVs are currently driven in a community, enabling the installation of EV chargers ahead of mass EV adoption and ensuring critical charging infrastructure will be available to drivers as they switch to electric.

Volta has consistently found opportunities to use the messages displayed on its media network for good. The company recently announced the launch of an evergreen education campaign — an expansion of its Charging For All initiative — designed to address consumers’ perceived concerns around EVs while shining a light on their numerous benefits and encouraging drivers to consider an EV for their next vehicle.

Volta also works closely with partners to spread important local messages. Through Volta’s collaboration with the State of Michigan and DTE Energy, DTE Energy is using the Volta Media Network to spread proactive awareness about EV benefits — including the health, safety, and economic upsides of electric mobility — and available incentives that make owning an EV more affordable. In 2021, Volta, Southern California Edison, and the Albertsons Companies’ Vons grocery stores collaborated to distribute a similar EV awareness campaign in disadvantaged communities. The impact was a 72 percent increase in interest in driving or owning an EV in the targeted regions. Most recently, Tucson Electric Power collaborated with Volta to install critical public EV infrastructure in disadvantaged communities at high-traffic Tucson locations and allow TEP to utilize the Volta Media Network to promote energy efficiency programs available to its customers.

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