New York Marriott Marquis Inside Gets LG DVLED

Andrew Neale

Systems integrator LG Fulfillment, powered by MDM Commercial, has helped the New York Marriott Marquis bring the neighborhood’s larger-than-life experience inside the hotel with two enormous 50-foot-wide by 8-foot-high direct-view LED (DVLED) displays from LG Business Solutions USA.

The installation grew out of a major renovation of the lobby that occurred throughout 2020. Desiring a new digital space to sell to advertisers and event hosts, the hotel’s owner, Host Hotels & Resorts, saw an opportunity.

Jake Benner, LG Director of Sales – Hospitality, Cruise & Fitness told us “LG has provided Host Hotels & Resorts with cutting-edge display technologies for properties all over the country, but these two are the largest displays, by far,” said “Based on our existing relationship, they knew we could deliver virtually any solution they needed. When they asked what options existed to provide a huge digital canvas on both ends of a split-floor walkway that’s visible from both above and below, we connected them with the expert integrators at LG Fulfillment to provide assistance in product selection, system design and installation.”

When Host Hotels & Resorts first approached LG Fulfillment (wholly separate from the manufacturer we are told), they described the desired outcome as four or five large video displays mounted side-by-side that could each show an individual channel or piece of content, or be combined to show one ultra-wide image.

“Of course, we could have put up a standard type of video wall with multiple panels and visible bezels between screens, but we knew that wasn’t bold enough for the Times Square location, and a DVLED display would blow away a multi-panel installation in terms of wow factor and usage flexibility,” said Cheryl McGinty Weiland, Vice President – Hospitality for LG Fulfillment. “Now they can split up the 50-foot-wide display however they want, show live TV flanked by marketing messages or even have a schedule of pre-programmed content pieces that use the display in various configurations throughout the day.”

With no bezels and virtually unlimited flexibility, the finished DVLED displays have given the property two impossible-to-miss advertising platforms that they can market as digital real estate for event hosts and local businesses.

The content delivery system includes a media player for digital advertisements, a video resolution processor that scales traditional content to fit the displays’ unique aspect ratios, and a media player that connects to Blackdove’s digital art subscription service to display captivating animated visuals. Using a tablet, staff can quickly make adjustments to the display setup and alternate between live TV, artwork and promotional content, so it’s easy to switch from showing four TV channels to showing a single piece of ultra-wide digital art.

The identical displays feature a 1.8mm pixel pitch and 800 nits of brightness, making them excellent for viewing up close or from 100 feet away.

LG and Host Hotels & Resorts also collaborated to create immersive and captivating anamorphic content specifically suited to the unique aspect ratio of these displays. In one content scenario, the displays present a ‘room’, a three-dimensional space on the screen, in which textured 3D animations appear and interact.

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