Gaudio Lab Wins Two #CES2023 Innovation Awards

Andrew Neale

Leading AI audio technology company Gaudio Lab has won two CES Innovation Awards; for its ‘Loudness Management 1 (LM1)’ and ‘Gaudio Spatial Audio (GSA)’ offering.

  • Gaudio’s LM1 technology provides optimal sound levels tailored to an individual’s playback environment and device regardless of the types of streaming media services and platforms the individual listens to. By properly setting the media volume coming from various streaming platforms so that it can fit into the users’ environment, the technology can prevent the inconvenience of suddenly increased or decreased volume and a potential hearing loss. The LM1 technology is highly preferred as it can prevent potential risks of damage in original content and distortion of sound quality because the LM1 utilizes metadata. This technology has proven the innovativeness of its cutting-edge technology, as it has been officially recognized by the ANSI/CTA-2075.1 standard.
  • The GSA technology held by Gaudio Lab provides a sense of dimension to the sound so that users with earbuds can vividly experience the contents. In particular, the GSA can be integrated into wireless earbuds called True Wireless Stereo (TWS), providing high-quality sound with the lowest in-industry motion-to-sound latency. With GSA-integrated earbuds, users can enjoy immersive sound experiences not only via smartphones but with any visual devices.

Gaudio Lab’s winning products will be exhibited in the Korean Pavilion at the Eureka Park during #CES2023.

Gaudio Lab is an audio technology start-up founded in 2015, after the company’s spatial audio technology for headphones was adopted as the binaural renderer for the ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standard in 2014. Ever since its establishment, the company has developed technologies and solutions which deliver superior audio experiences wherever there is sound, navigation across reality and virtuality to bring optimized audio to diverse platforms such as earbuds, smartphones, OTT, VR/AR, theaters and more. The company is backed by top global strategic investors as Softbank Ventures, Samsung Venture Investment and Naver.

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