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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We told you back in July that Dutch based would be unveiling new owners in August and a few days ago (better late than never) they did indeed make an announcement as well as unveil some interesting new strategies.

The need for new shareholders follows the announcement in November 2008 that Dutch Telegraaf Group was to sell its entire share holding in the network.

In July this year bid a fond farewell to its (now old) shareholder Telegraaf Media Groep (in late 2005 they acquired 40% of the business and in July 2007 grew that to a majority stake of 84%) and welcomed new partners; BST Company and TMG-Global.

The acquisition by both the BST Company and TMG-Global seems to be a part of a broader strategy of which DOOH is only one part. It also looks like ON and MediaVT will be integrated into this new organization structure giving Librium.TV a (possible) stranglehold in the Dutch hospitality / entertainment industry (Bars, Clubs, Cafes and Restaurants) especially when you add in their existing well thought and very credible McDonalds network.

Besides hospitality and entertainment Librium.TV is set to focus also on Public Transport (the buses, trams and trains of Veolia, GVB and Connexxion respectively) and Shopping Malls (formerly Centercom, a network of shopping centers acquired in 2007).

And last but not least Librium.TV has signed a strategic agreement with Notice, in this way possibly adding in another 100 different retail chains into the mix.

About TMG Global (Triscreen Media Group):

TMG was established in the Netherlands in 2003, rapidly expanding from a small operation to become a global leader in the Mobile Entertainment industry. Today, we are active in about 3 boxes countries, and employ more than 75 people around the world. In 2006 an office was opened in Sydney to look after the Asia Pacific business.

In 2007 TMG expanded to the Americas, and offices in Toronto, Canada and Sao Paolo,
Brazil were opened to accommodate this arm.

TMG have extensive experience with every step of the process Mobile Entertainment, from product development, to product placement, to end-user support.We Work Closely with major gateways and content providers from around the world to deliver first class products and services to the end user.We are affiliated with over 50 major mobile networks worldwide. Using our television, print and internet platforms, we can maximise the reach of your campaign.

About BST Company:

BST Company is the next generation venture capitalist – an investment company with a Twist. We combine professional experience, extensive industry knowledge with a broad international network and financial support. We Strive for cross-fertilization within the venture to combine network brands, technology and creative business solutions. Our goal Significantly is to boost the commercial value of our venture funds. Be it business modeling, sourcing manufacturers, negotiating a patent / company / license sale, building business coalitions, identifying global distributors or building communication platforms; BST Company walks the talk with you!

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