UK Digital Signage Project of the Year

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Finalists have been selected for this year’s AV Awards (run by AV Interactive and held on October 12 at The Hilton Park Lane, London).

The AV AWARDS 2007 FINALISTS for Digital Signage project of the year are…

  • Camelot Digital Signage Network, by Remote Media
  • Dolphin Centre, by Panasonic System Solutions
  • Flexible Branding, by Pixel Inspiration
  • Paulsgrove Axcess, by Hugh Symons Audio Visual
  • Wilmington Digital Signage, by CDEC

I guess it is down to who enters (not who judges) but the list disappoints me somewhat (a lot actually!!!)

Remote Media have done and are doing some great rollouts – The Thomson Travel Poster Network is great, so is the Tricast network that they helped build for Captive People.

The Camelot system, whilst a large and prestigious rollout is not their best and not very innovative. It is ostensibly offline 99% of the day (remote sites dial out – back home to a central site – to collect information) so could have wrong content 23 hours and 55 minutes of every day). The screens are small and I was not that impressed with the content.

The Flexible Branding project from Pixel is I believe their Manchester Airport installation which is very good (though I received lots of comments when I reported on this earlier in the year about the number of bulbs they would get through for their rear projection lamps!!) and of those five nominated probably deserves to win.

It’s a shame that more companies (doing great things) don’t raise their heads up above the parapet and enter this event.

I would like to offer up my ALTERNATIVE AV Award Finalists as follows: –

  • Pixel Inspiration’s Flexible Branding at Manchester Airport
  • Kaleidovision who are doing fantastic things with Gala Casino and Gala Bingo
  • Esprit Digital have the best looking two sided piece of outdoor Street Furniture anywhere
  • Insight Media’s 3D rollout called 3DXscape.TV

Maybe next year more people will enter?

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