Alight Media’s Digital 48 sheet #1 For Audience Reach

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

According to the latest Route release, Alight Media’s network now reaches 30.8m people every month, becoming the market leader for total D48 audience reach in the UK. Alight also covers more regions with D48s than any other out-of-home (OOH) media owner, as well as more total towns and more unique towns.

Alight’s strategy of building high quality panels in areas underserved by digital OOH advertising offers advertisers unbeatable reach per frame.

We are told that Alight is the only UK media owner to cover all BARB regions across 150 towns and cities, offering a truly national D48 network. The company’s strategy of developing inclusive OOH across the UK, not just London and major cities, has seen its national audience reach exceed 50% of all adults. In the four largest cities outside London (Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow), Alight’s reach jumps to more than 80% of all adults.

Alight Media CEO, Matthew Dearden told us 
“When we launched four years ago, our aim was to bring incremental audiences to advertisers, bringing the power of digital OOH to new locations across the country. It’s a huge milestone for us to now offer the highest reach of any OOH media owner in this fast-growing format. There are still large areas of the country that we believe are underserved for communities and advertisers and we are committed to further growth while maintaining our high-quality location and screen standards.”

When combined with Alight’s 6 sheet network of classic and digital sites, advertisers can reach some 32m UK adults each month, more than media outlets including The Sun, Sky News, Twitter and The Telegraph for monthly audience reach.

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