How Does @BlipBillboards Revenue Grow Over Time?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Have you wondered how a Blip-enabled digital billboard’s revenue grows over time? Blip Billboards, the US’s largest self-serve out-of-home marketplace has recently released proprietary revenue data, revealing the average revenue growth rate across hundreds of digital billboards after one, three, six, 12 and 24 months.

The data is based on digital billboards on Blip’s Marketplace beginning with their first month of activation. As awareness and traction grow, the average revenue per digital billboard grows 1.6x after six months on Blip’s platform. After 12 months, the average revenue has grown 2.3x.

Finally, after two years on the platform, average revenue has nearly tripled compared to the first month, with an increase of 2.98x.

Chad Smith, Blip’s Vice President of Media Owner Success told us “We now have more than 340 media owner customers who’ve added more than 2,400 digital
billboards to Blip’s Marketplace. We’re able to take space that might have otherwise been unsold and provide our customers with dependable incremental revenue,” said e preach consistency to our customers. Growth rates vary, but with time and consistent available space dedicated to the Marketplace, our customers are generating meaningful, repeatable revenue with Blip.”

While exact rates and revenue are undisclosed, and rates and performance vary, the data suggests that a sample digital billboard generating $300 via Blip in month one, would grow to nearly $700 per month after a year, and nearly $900 per month after two years.

Chad added, “Our media owner customers who optimize their Blip potential are doing four things. First, they dedicate consistent space to the program–they don’t make space available one day but not the next. That confuses the market. That’s the first thing we reinforce–consistent space is key. Next, the participating Media Owner’s advertise the program on open space on the digital billboards. This drives demand and maximizes revenue. The third common habit most successful media owners practice is rapid approval of potential ads. Finally, it may seem obvious, but great photos and rich, detailed descriptions of digital billboard inventory drives success too. When we’re hitting on all of these cylinders, we’re driving some outstanding revenue. Our customers tell us they love Blip because there is very little additional work for them and it maximizes their return on their digital billboard investment.”

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