#OOHNYC @ProtoHologram Open House

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Attendees at this week’s Out Of Home New York are invited to join Proto for a Hologram Open House at their NYC studio where you can instantly turn yourself into a hologram and see everything their technology can do.

Proto are the original, patented, cybersecure hologram device, which is now loaded with the world’s first #AI hologram avatar for enterprise, ProtoBot.

The Open House takes place Wednesday 1-4PM at HighLineNine, Ground Floor, 508 W 28th St.

Best to let them know you are coming by reaching out to Owen@ProtoHologram.com

Out of Home New York (formerly New York Digital Signage Week) takes place from October 9 to 13 and will be the usual heady mix of FREE and PAID for events – conferences, showcases, cocktails, open house, breakfast debates, tours and other ad-hoc activities.

DSF Cocktails and Controversy, the DPAA VIP Newsmaker Dinner, the DPAA Global Summit, the Sony Professional Display Solutions Roadshow, SOLOMON Cocktails, OAAA Cocktails, a Walk and Talk’ Coffee event at David Geffen Hall, a Daktronics NYC Partner Appreciation Reception, Proto Holgram Open House, XUSC Jazz & Cocktails, Planar Virtual Production Studio Open House & Demo, Planar Emerging Trends in Education Luncheon, a Planar Showroom Open House & Happy Hour, and a Sip & See LiquidView’s Digital Windows event are just some of the events that are scheduled to take place that week.

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