The World’s First #AIAdvertising Conference

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you are already in Artificial Intelligence (AI) wishing to learn more about the advertising and out of home (OOH) industries or in the advertising and OOH sector and wish to better understand AI and Machine Learning, then you should be joining the 160+ attendees already registered for the World’s First #AIAdvertising Conference this Friday in Toronto.

Taking place at the Globe and Mail Centre this Friday, November 3rd you will be able to hear thought leaders, innovators, technologists, and advertising professionals delve into the potential of AI in how it will  revolutionize the entire advertising sector.

We are delighted to have as the keynote speaker, leading tech futurist Chris Duffey | Strategic Development, Creative Cloud Design | Adobe;

Speakers include; Gary Kimmel | CTO | Salesforce; Mathew Furukawa | Sr. Account Executive | Google; Kari Clarke | Director, Marketing and Communications | Vector Institute; Karla Congson | CEO | OpenGravity; Casey Binkley | CEO | Movia; Peter Kosmala | Professor | York University; Julie Ford | Executive Director | DAAC; Jake Effoduh | Associate Professor | TMU; Stephanie Gutnik | Global Strategy Officer | Billups; Kristin Wozniak | Global Lead of Customer Success | Plus Company; Seif Khemaissia | Head of Programmatic Advertising | Group M; Alastair Taylor | CEO | Publicis Media; Adam Green | Chief Strategy Officer | Broadsign; Jennifer Copeland | Director, Brand Communications | COMMB; Christopher Grosso | CEO | Intersection; Ian Gadsby | Vice-President, Digital Technology | PATTISON.

Registration can be found here.

Individual tickets cost CAD 395 (COMMB members should contact the association for a discount code).

The AdAi conference is produced and curated by the Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau in collaboration with DailyDOOH and is sponsored by Broadsign, DAAC, Environics Analytics, docma, Intersection, OpenGravity, Pattison, Quividi, Single Store, Spotzi, Teralytics and the Vector Institute.

The conference is hosted by COMMB’s Director of Marketing Lara Menzies and chaired by COMMB’s Head of Data Science Farrokh Mansouri. At COMMB, Farrokh works on novel approaches to incorporate new data, analytics, and technologies for OOH measurements and marketing. He comes from a highly multidisciplinary background with experience applying data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the fields of transit, medicine, climate science, and finance. Farrokh has previously built and managed technical teams in various startups and large companies and holds a BASc, MHSc and PhD in Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has authored over 20 research papers published in prestigious scientific journals.

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