World Digital Signage Systems Market

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Two of our customers put their hand in their pocket and paid for Frost&Sullivan’s most recent World Digital Signage Systems Market report. We have spent the last couple of weeks ploughing through it in order to review it for you.

Digital Signage Software Market: Competitive Landscape (World), 2008

Digital Signage Software Market: Competitive Landscape (World), 2008

Cisco must have briefed them very well (or paid a lot of money for copies of the report) because they seem to rank highly in a number of areas. As you know this is disparate to what we feel and as for 3M on the above diagram? Who ARE they exactly in the digital signage space and how did they get there?

F&S told a couple of people that in their last report they “underestimated the market by a factor of 3” which basically means that their last report sucked (we told you that) and now they want everyone to believe that this one is accurate.

Anyway, our full diagnosis will be ready next week.

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  1. Lou Giacalone, Jr. Says:

    And this one clearly is no better. They don’t even seem to be aware of CoolSign’s existence, no less our capability or work in the market over *11* years. Another piece of mediocrity to confuse the poor folks trying to genuinely learn about our industry. Sigh. –Lou

  2. Rufus Connell Says:

    Hi Adrian

    I am a Vice President at Frost & Sullivan and I oversee our Information and Communication technologies subscription. From your last “analysis” of our report you will remember that we don’t engage in discussions of our work on other people’s forums. I would be glad to talk to you about our research and can be reached at 650.475.4538.

    On another note, it appears that you have exerpted the competitive landscape figure from our study, have removed the figure title with base year and have removed the source line. All three of those are violations of Frost & Sullivan’s EULA. I would appreciate it if you would correct that issue right away.

    Rufus Connell

  3. Rufus Connell Says:


    The figure Adrian has exerpted is from a base year 2008 study. As you are obviously aware CoolSign was owned by Planar in 2008. Planar is noted in the study. After the January 09 acquistion CoolSign will be covered as a stand alone entry in our 2009 base year study.

    Rufus Connell

  4. Adrian J Cotterill Says:


    Our last analysis of your report proved to be rather correct. Last year you claimed that Scala had 34% lof the market (which we disputed), so interesting to see that is now down at a more realistic level of 14%.


  5. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Rufus, you produce a report in July 2009, albeit with charts and diagrams showing alleged worldwide 2008 figures, knowing full well that Planar is CoolSign AND make no mention / footnote of it or even reference it. Lou has a right to be mighty pissed off!!

  6. Jerry Says:

    I’ve got this report. A few observations:

    Their view of the global market size for Digital Signage displays is something like 1/6 or 1/7 of what DisplaySearch or iSuppli project, and their estimated CAGR of that business is one-third of what those display-focused research houses project, and using from what I can tell is the exact same definition. (And, IMO, those display research houses know their stuff; every vendor uses them; they keep data on all the factories, etc.) I’d really like to know the logic behind that disparity.

    I think their view of the size of the software market is waaaay too small as well. And that the growth is actually slowing? really? And there’s a *glaring* omission from the top 5 SW vendor list, never mind who was on it. I’ll leave it at that.

    The red flag was indeed that line about the last report being off by a factor of 3, and the line that attempted to explain that made no sense whatsoever.

    Look forward to your commentary, Adrian.

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