WeWALK Receives NEC X Strategic Investment

Andrew Neale

NEC X, Inc., the venture studio backed by NEC’s world-class technological innovation and expertise, this week announced an investment in WeWALK, a UK-based startup providing mobility solutions for blind and visually impaired people. Having previously raised a Seed round led by Nesta Impact Investments, WeWALK will now integrate NEC’s computer-vision technology into the next generation of its smart mobility solutions.

WeWALK strives to solve some of the toughest challenges for blind and visually impaired people. Its patented smart cane technology and smartphone app leverage cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect above-ground obstacles through ultrasound while retaining the standard white cane’s ground feedback. Users are alerted through vibrations and automatic voice feedback, helping them navigate their surrounding environment. The smart cane also provides automatic voice feedback to the user to inform them of nearby shops, restaurants, public transportation, etc.

WeWALK was awarded the NEC X Prize at NEC Innovation Challenge and was invited to join Elev X! Venture Studio Program. Through mentoring, technical implementation discussions, and validations involving NEC researchers, this investment decision was made to provide more comprehensive support. Currently, we are on a project aimed at implementing spatial recognition features using computer vision technology from the NEC Laboratories America into its next-generation mobility solutions.

“We’re incredibly excited by NEC X’s investment in advancing our smart cane technology with their cutting-edge computer vision. This collaboration strengthens our mission to empower visually impaired people with greater mobility and independence. We look forward to making a significant positive impact together,” said Gokhan Mericliler, CEO & Co-founder of WeWALK.

Those interested in participating in or learning more about NEC X’s Elev X! Venture Studio Program as entrepreneurs, partners, or investors should click here.

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