The @OutfontMediaUS Political Avoidance Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Political advertising sometimes seems unavoidable and with the two major political parties in the US now having presumptive nominees in the Presidential race, brands looking to stay out of the fray likely have limited options.

To address this issue, OUTFRONT Media (NYSE:OUT) has announced in key markets across the country, a ‘Political Avoidance Network’ which offers premium OOH inventory where no political ads are allowed.

Liz Rave, OUTFRONT VP of Marketing told us “We consistently talk about the unmatched impact that OUTFRONT’s media in transit systems across America provides. Now, there is a new opportunity this election season, that I think is still flying under the radar for brands and businesses. We have a network of over 2,000 screens that are 100% free from any Political or Issue Based Ads. Let that sink in. In a year where Americans’ dissatisfaction of both already-selected candidates is at an all-time high, this network provides a brand-safe haven for any business looking to escape the madness. That on top of transit advertising already being a proven driver of business across the marketing funnel might just make this network the hottest thing in 2024.”

To find out more about ‘How to Stay Brand Safe and Lock in Your Media’ in Election-Year click here.

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