CEO SPOTLIGHT – Philippe Gribeauval, Pixman Nomadic Media, Madrid

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This month in the “CEO Spotlight”, we welcome Philippe Gribeauval, President and Chief Executive Officer Pixman Nomadic Media and Pixman Europe.

  1. You are based in Madrid but run Pixman worldwide. How did that come about and how do you find managing a global organization from Spain?

    My initial responsibility when we launched the Madrid office was to develop the European and Asian markets. Spain, aside from the ideal proximity to both markets for Pixman, was more of a family choice, a return to our family roots so to speak! Seeing as our corporate mission is to deliver nomadic media, and with today’s technologies, I am not really tied to a desk anymore.

  2. There has been some changes in your franchise model recently – a move to more of a reseller / VAR model – how did that come about and what is your strategy going forward?

    We gained great experience with our ‘Turnkey’ model that enables us to understand nomadic marketing needs in the field. There are numerous players in our industry, needless layers between the client and the consumer and definitely too much duplication. We felt firsthand the demand from local agents, who can’t afford to invest in the R&D that is required to deliver premier technology. Our VAR model is the answer to that demand. Through it, we will control a network of quality partners and deliver local executions on a truly global scale! This model will enable us to grow our business exponentially.

  3. As a business, how are you organized? What percentage of your teams are sales, engineering, media / advertising etc?

    Our company is focused mainly on sales and marketing support at this time, with probably 40% of team dedicating to growth of the VAR model. Operations and technology represent another 35% of our force, with administration and finance completing the team.

  4. Realistically how big do you think Pixman can be?

    There is a very real opportunity as the advertising landscape is rapidly changing – a revolution in media habits that is seen worldwide. We’ve doubled our revenues each period so far this year, so we think we’re on to something. We believe Pixman will be an important connector: between individuals, brands, and the physical and virtual world! We don’t see limits, and we are not afraid to think big!

  5. Unlike some of your competitors you seem to have really focused on being global – you are a Canadian company, with executives in Madrid and doing lots in the ’emerging markets’ how do you think that being worldwide distinguishes you from others?

    We simply can’t ignore the opportunities in emerging markets! Although we’ve learned that it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to make initial inroads, this presence will enable us offer truly global solutions to advertisers as they shift their dollars to new medias and new consumers.

  6. What differentiates you from your competitors?

    We have a proven track record! With more than 800 events for established brands to attests to that! Furthermore, we deliver quality executions and have established clients with recurring business. That is the best testimonial.

  7. Can you tell us a little bit about your patents?

    To ensure our leading edge in new tactical media, we are rigorously protecting our concepts and intellectual property wherever we are active.

  8. What challenges do you face going forward?

    We need to manage our growth and adapt to the different cultures and ways of doing business where we expand. We also have to extend in all possible segments to offer agencies a one-stop shop for nomadic media and experiential marketing. Obviously this puts tremendous pressure on our R&D capacities and we will be making significant investments in this area.

  9. Have you seen any resistance from brands using Alternative Out of Home media?

    Quite the opposite! Advertisers feel a growing need to create relationships between brands and consumers. This is a bi-directional dialog that goes above and beyond what traditional media can deliver. We deliver one-on-one, invaluable time with their consumers. Now that we have established that local connection, our global network and interactive abilities will deliver the critical mass.

  10. What is your vision of the company’s future?

    Our vision is to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds and provide new forms of communications for brands to engage with people.

    We are a growing company with a grand vision to transform the industry. Daniel Langlois, our founder and executive chairman, is a visionary who has already revolutionized the world of the cinema by founding Softimage, a 3D modeling and animation software. He expects the same level of success from Pixman in the future!

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