Video Ezy / Blockbuster In-Store Kiosks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

At the NAB digital TV trade show in Las Vegas recently, Cork, Ireland based DigiSoft revealed that one of the biggest video retailers in Australia and New Zealand; the Video Ezy / Blockbuster chain will be deploying 1,200 in-store Kiosks using its IPTV solution.

The deal includes the provision of an in-store kiosk with movie library, branded USB or iPod-type storage system and in-home Java set-top box.

The shop’s consumer plugs their USB or iPod into the kiosk to select movies to rent for later playback on the Java set-top box (presumably at home).

Tom Higgins, chairman of DigiSoft said that “The world is talking about downloading over the internet for the future of television but the reality is getting the studios to sign off on the quality to deliver that content. If you’re not approved by the studios, you’re not going to get anywhere in the market”

He added “If a telco was to adopt this solution, they wouldn’t even need to be offering full broadband. All they need is the wireless return to ask the studios’ digital rights management (DRM) server if the content can be played. Many telcos are coming to us and saying this could be an immediate revenue stream that could enable them to compete-head-on with the cable guys”

We haven’t really seen IPTV providers make any in-roads in retail digital signage – with Kiosks such as this it is probably a start for them!

About DigiSoft

Cork-headquartered DigiSoft employs 45 people and has sales offices in Sydney, Denver, Singapore, Christchurch in New Zealand and Manchester in the UK.

In 2005, Riverdeep founder Pat McDonagh invested €2.5m in the company along with 4th Level Ventures, the venture capital arm of investment firm Dolmen Securities.

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