Taste The Rainbow Of Fruit Flavours

Chris Sheldrake

It could be an advert but it’s not likely. We publish this only so that non-UK, non-London readers and residents can have corroborated by (more of) an independent source what we have been saying (and demonstrating) for sometime now, about the mess that CBS Outdoor’s digital network is in.

Picture by Bill Yackey, Digital Signage Today

Picture by Bill Yackey, Digital Signage Today

Bill Yackey from Digital Signage Today is over in London for Kioskcom / Digital Signage Show and tweeted this yesterday “@DailyDOOH isn’t kidding. So many CBS screens are out on the Underground. Not sure what’s up here!”

After the recent management re-shuffle it seems that
Arnaud Madelin, CBS Outdoor’s new UK Operations Director has been tasked with sorting the London Underground network and as we have said before he certainly has got a big job on his hands.


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  1. Jorge Garcia de Bustos Says:

    Meanwhile, the poor screen at the Victoria escalators is still looking for the boot device. Two weeks into the search, and it hasn’t given up. That’s persistence.

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