ImmoMédia Présence

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Montreal-based ITESMedia.Tv, the interactive technology and digital signage development branch of Groupe ITES, has added a third offering to its real estate market product portfolio.

Its new ImmoMédia Présence solves a simple problem: it’s a digital tool that allows the receptionist in a broker’s office to know immediately where its agents are: in, out, out-to-lunch or at the broker’s kiosk .

“It saves a lot of time and shouting back and forth looking for an agent when the phone rings or a client enters,” says Richard Fortin, ITES Canada president. “When there are 70 or more agents in an office, it cuts down on the noise, and can immediately locate a specific agent.”

The product is integrated with its other ImmoMédia products: ImmoMédia Digital Signage and ImmoMédia Touch Interactive, the former showing all the broker’s agents and the latter which allows potentials buyers and sellers to do their own research among houses listed for sale using the interactive screen.

“The customer looking to buy a house can see all the houses registered with that particular broker and its agents, and it gives the broker a chance to make more money than if the customer just browses through general listings on the Internet,” says Fortin.

ITESMédia’s ImmoMédia kiosks have been recognized as a good solution for real estate brokers in Canada. Each interactive kiosk is equipped with an LCD touch screen for customer browsing and a flat display screen for broadcasting promotional and targeted digital content. ITESMédia currently has more than 55 screens deployed in the real estate sector alone.

The company, founded in 1989, specializes in interactive kiosks and dynamic digital poster solutions, and markets an application that powers the management of interactive screens and the content destined for digital poster screens.

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