Mag Portal Offers Mobile Discount Coupons

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

LOULOU magazine, published by Rogers Media, Toronto, has launched, a mobile portal through which consumers can receive alerts and mobile discount coupons on their cell phones, thanks to technology from Montreal-based mobile integrator Lipso.

It’s a ‘first’ for any Canadian mass-market magazine.

“Mobile coupons are a handy, green alternative to paper coupons, which we often tend to lose or forget at home,” says Vivianne Gravel, Lipso president. “Lipso’s mobile applications provide access, via cell phone, to simple, secure and effective information and transactional services at all times.”

To receive promotional offers from LOULOU on their cell phones, fashionistas can sign up for SMS alerts from the magazine at, by clicking on the Mobile icon and entering their cell number.

To take advantage of the promotions, shoppers just text a brand name (e.g. Oakley) to 568568, or LOULOU. They then receive a mobile alert on their phone, with a link that gives them access to a promotional offer and mobile barcode coupon. Then, to take advantage of the promotion, when they go to the store, they have the mobile coupon on their mobile phone screen scanned at the checkout.

The number of people in Canada who can access this mobile technology is estimated at about 21.5 million, the number of wireless subscribers identified by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

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