ONESTOP Media Group Gives Free Space to Art

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Toronto-based ONESTOP Media Group, an out-of-home digital company in the retail, hospitality, and transit industries, has partnered with Art for Commuters and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to give the city’s commuters a chance to see how photographers have interpreted their city.

The 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition – themed on ‘Contacting Toronto: Memories for the City’ – is running for the month of May on the TTC Digital Network.

‘Contacting Toronto’ is showcasing a total of 62 photographic stories in 31 days to over 1 million people weekly. The photos are showing on more than 250 platform screens in over 40 stations throughout the TTC. The exhibit airs once every 10 minutes and features two different photographers a day in 30-second blocks of time.

The photos were selected from over 120 photo submissions relating to the theme and range from amusing stories to more formal visual play.

“The key was how to incorporate the exhibition’s slideshow format with just a few stills,” says Sharon Switzer, the show’s curator, and director of Art for Commuters.

“Each photographer provided between five and eight images so they blend into one another and fit into the digital programming running on the screens.”

Switzer gives great praise to ONESTOP Media Group. “While all media, including ONESTOP, tend to run PSAs, it’s rare that one finds a company that gives space simply for art with no compensation,” she says. “And I’m sure the show will have commuters missing a train or two.”

An exhibition schedule of all selections, is posted on the Web site , which will also feature the photographs after their debut on the TTC.

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