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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

MXN are a small’ish company (circa 6 folks) but nonetheless seem to be doing some interesting work with queuing mechanisms with Emirates Bank as well as having a couple of other retail trials on the go.

Like many working in this sector, their skills seem more Technical than ‘consumer driven’ but either way they seem to be on top of a number of interesting things in the Middle East region.

The latest press release from them indicates that Kiosk Information Systems has appointed them as a distributor for Middle East and Africa.

About MxN

MxN provides technology, consultation and content services to clients and customers throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. MxN has its corporate headquarters in Dubai’s prestigious Dubai Media City. MxN focuses on providing innovative, robust and flexible technologies that fuel the digital communications industry. MxN delivers solutions giving its partners and clients the ability to effectively communicate with their targeted audiences providing customizable digital marketing tools that include Digital Signage, Self Service Kiosk as well as Queue Management.

The MxN Network is powered by the most robust, flexible and scalable digital content management softwares in the market today. MxN designs and develops world class technologies that fuel the emerging digital communications industry. As this industry spans over the reach of many others, we understand that each business has its own individual needs. This is why we have developed all our products using flexible, modular architecture in order to provide powerful functionality with the ability to quickly deploy, modify, and upgrade your systems.

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