Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted the – DailyDOOH SHOWCASE – a new paid-for-feature that went live on Friday!

We make no bones about this being a paid-for-feature. If you are interested in showing off a digital signage / digital out of home deployment or campaign then you can for ONLY UK PDS 299.

First up to use it is Jason Cremins’s Remote Media business which is using it to showcase its innovative Harrods Window Display using Screen Technology‘s ITrans system.

Your very own – DailyDOOH SHOWCASE – could run for 2 weeks in our usual 1:6 banner rotation.

For UK PDS 299 you will get a complete package that includes design, graphics and banner hosting, along the lines of…

  1. Single slide with company logo and URL
  2. Single slide with text description of the campaign or the deployment, for example “Harrods, 15th April to 24th May Design Icons”
  3. Half a dozen slides containing photos of the deployment or graphics of the campaign

Running time is likely to be no more than 30 seconds.

About – DailyDOOH SHOWCASE –

Runs in the 300 x 250 pixel (RECTANGLE) Banner Advertising space (top right of site). It comprises a specially designed Widget developed by our very own R&D team (move your mouse over the widget and notice the ‘video’ controls appear – click on the widget and see the video pause, click on it again to see it start, etc).

If you are interested in using this feature then simply drop us an email.

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