Retailers In Line For £20m In-Store Music Refund

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Retail Week has reported ‘Retailers in line for £20m in-store music refund‘ after a legal victory that increased copyright fees imposed by Public Performance Limited (PPL) back in 2005 for playing music in-store was deemed excessive.

We believe that the massive increase in fees had actually stopped many retailers broadcasting more complex channels (the license is paid by the retailer not the broadcaster) because any budget that they (the retailer) did have was swallowed up by the license fee AND could therefore not be spent on content.

As long as Public Performance Limited (PPL), who intend to appeal against the tribunal’s decision, are not successful (fingers crossed) in having the decision reversed this should be good news for those supplying the UK retailers with music and could see an upswing in new business.

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