Doohstuff And BBC Motion Gallery Begin Trials

Chris Sheldrake

Doohstuff, the Dutch based online library of professional and affordable content for digital signage, has entered into a collaborative partnership with BBC Motion Gallery.

doohstff logoThe deal will allow Doohstuff to represent BBC Motion Gallery’s short programs for a year-long trial period.

Piet Hein Goossens, General Manager of Doohstuff told us “BBC Motion Gallery’s short programs are highly regarded within the industry and are, of course, very suitable to be used as a so-called “waiting time mitigator” within a Digital Out Of Home network. We are therefore honored that BBC Motion Gallery wants to conduct a trial period with us,”

Paul Maidment, Business Development Director for BBC Motion Gallery added “We’re really pleased that Doohstuff is participating in this trial to see how we can broaden the reach of our collections effectively within the DOOH networks.”

Doohstuff’s goal is to offer all relevant DOOH content in one location for a lower price than elsewhere as long as the content is used within a DOOH environment. Goossens added “The fact that a major player like BBC Motion Gallery decided to go with us confirms to us that there is support for our vision.”

Doohstuff and BBC Motion Gallery hope to make the short programs accessible via by the end of November 2009.

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