GestureTek Illuminated Multi-Touch Tables

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Medtronic, a leading medical technology company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, used GestureTek of Sunnyvale, California, to its advantage at the recent HRS (Heart Rhythm Society) Conference in Boston.

Four GestureTek Illuminated multi-touch tables, along with a vertical multi-touch screen, enabled as many as 16 users to interact with the displays simultaneously in the Medtronic booth.

medtronics3The interactive experience was multi-faceted. At a basic level, users could simply walk up to the display and move their hand across computer-generated water to create a ripple effect. For more sophisticated interaction, users could touch or point directly above various icons of products and patients, which would activate a series of menu choices relating to product and/or disease information.

The most detailed level of interaction allowed users to access in-depth studies of disease states, references and information about how specific Medtronic products treat particular diseases.

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